Miami News Expose on Stealing Tissues from the Dead

I recently had the opportunity to become involved with a news story out of Miami regarding a horrific case of a tissue bank stealing tissue from unwilling and unknowing donors.  This tissue, and it’s falsified documentation, was then sold to a Florida tissue processing company where it was machined into parts and sold across the country.  The problem is that this tissue is tainted with disease.  It has caused nothing but pain and suffering for everyone involved from the family of the stolen donors to the recipients of the tissue. Everyone, that is, except for the the companies that have turned a huge profit from the sale of the tissue.

Part I: Recycled Bodies Cause Horror

“I go to bed at night praying I don’t wake up and think about it. And it’s the first thing I think about,” said a tearful Karen Delre, describing the horror she cannot erase from her mind.

“My nightmares consist of my father calling me, begging for my help,” this heartbroken daughter shared with Chief I-Team Investigator Michele Gillen.

Delre was devoted to her dad. She would have done anything to honor him in life and death. Never would she have imagined this cruelest twist of fate.

“He was just cruelly, with a saw and blades, he was just skinned and everything was ripped from him. Which means everything was ripped from me,” Del Re explained.

Part II: Stealing from the Dead

Chris and his wife donated their daughter’s organs and were so moved by meeting the little girl who received Alyssa’s gift of life, they publicly encouraged others to do the same.

He even left his career as an emergency medical technician and went to work for a tissue recovery service in Madison, Wisconsin, from where he spoke with CBS4 Chief I- Team Investigator Michele Gillen.

“I realized I needed to do something more than just promote it, I needed to become involved in the industry to help other folks,” Truitt said.

He had no idea the world he was about to enter; the big business of tissue donation would become, he said, so disturbing that he would eventually speak out against the entire industry.



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