The Dark Side of Tissue Donation now in paperback or eBook!

Told from the perspective of an industry insider and donor father, The Dark Side of Tissue Donation provides a unique, emotional, and disturbing perspective on tissue donation. Chris shares what the tissue banks don’t want you know; information that has for too long been too taboo to speak of, but information that every donor family must know before the choice to donate is made. You’ll learn what it’s like to be a donor father procuring tissues from other donors. You’ll find out what it takes to make it through a day in the life of a procurement technician. You’ll also be exposed to information that only those within the industry have been allowed to know; what really goes on behind the closed doors of operating rooms and corporate board rooms. Profiteering, a body’s worth, industry abuses, informed consent, organs and tissues for illegal immigrants, minorities and donation – nothing is too controversial and Chris covers it all. Get ready to find out what really happens in The Dark Side of Tissue Donation.

Just head to The Dark Side of Tissue Donation to order your eBook or paperback today.

eBook: $1.99 Paperback: $9.99

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